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All About Peter Max

Peter Max is the world's leading psychadelic artist. The voice of a generation, his style has inspired everyone from the Beatles to major corporations.

Peter is from Berlin, where he was born in 1937. Shortly thereafter, he lived in Shanghai, and Israel, before ultimately settling in Brooklyn.

Peter has had exhibitions in every major US city, and many around the world, as well as a permanent gallery at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Peter Max's Art

We love Peter because he doesn't stop with canvas or sculpture like so many traditional artists. His art has created airplanes, cruise ships, and more. Peter teaches us that art is in the world around us!

Peter even painted a cruise ship! It's my personal dream to take a cruise on this ship. Here's a photo from when the ship was launched. I wasn't there, but I found this photo online.

Here are some fellows hoisting a statue of a horse that has been painted by Peter Max. How awesome would it be to have that in your home!

This piano was fully painted by Peter Max. Peter is one of the only modern artists to create a bespoke painted piano like this one. I think he made this one for the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr!

Peter Max's Fans!

We're not the only ones who love Peter Max! Check out all of his celebrity fans!

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler, lead signer of the band Aerosmith, is a HUGE Peter Max fan!

Prince Edward

Peter Max fans come from all over the world! Here's one from the UK. Prince Edward of England is such a fan, he had a portrait made!

Ringo Starr

Another Brit! Here's a picture of Peter with 50% of the remaining Beatles!

Alexander Mirtchev

More Peter Max fans in high places. Here's Peter with economist and scholar Alexander Mirtchev

Cyndi Lauper

This girl loves Peter Max time after time! That's Cyndi Lauper for you 90's kids.


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